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May we suggest 3 things to consider when choosing a designer.

1. Team Player.

Is your designer a lone ranger? When choosing a designer, make sure their goal is partnership. Too many designers listen for a moment, then quickly race off to develop THEIR ideas. Marketing is far more effective when the customer and designer have tackled the project as a team. When both the customer and the designer have combined their strengths and expertise, the results will always be far more engaging.

2. Customer Minded.

Does you designer strive to understand what it is that you want to communicate? Do they take the time to listen to you and get into your frame of thinking. This designer is always going to be more effective because they COMBINE their skills with an understanding of how you want to be perceived and what is important to you. It’s going to be a big let down if the design is slick but the message fails to hit the target.


3. Results Focused.

What is the end-goal for your designer? Is this just another contract or are they passionate about seeing you succeed? If their greatest desire is your success, you are headed down the right path. Far too often designers are into glitzy design that sells the customer short. Time and time again, it is simple, clean and STRATEGICALLY FOCUSED design that gets the sale. Ensure your designer values results over glitz.

Worth a quick read.

For further thought. You may want to consider 5 benefits of a strategic overview.



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