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5 benefits of a strategic overview.

Firstly, what is a strategic overview? It is a plan that is developed by the customer and designer outlining the focus and direction of a specific project. The overview outlines details about the target market and how we are going to promote the customer. Lastly, it comes up with a game plan of how a website or marketing campaign is going to be developed. All of this is worked out before any design and production begins.


1. It’s all about partnership.

Before we start planning for tomorrow, I believe it is most important to begin as a partnership. Whatever work we produce will always be far more effective if the design firm and the client are truly a team. No project will reach it’s full potential if it is controlled only by the customer or the designer. A strategic overview starts this process.

2. You dream together.

Once it has been established that this is going to be a team effort, that means both customer and designer combining their knowledge and strengths, you are ready to dream together. This is brainstorming without boundaries to achieve the spectacular. Too often dreaming together is overlooked and the final results are less than epic.


3. You don’t waste time.

When clients and designers jump the strategic overview step, time is often wasted pursuing the wrong direction. Time after time, marketing that has simply not been thought through properly comes across your desk. The results are rarely effective.

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4. You get it right.

Developing a strong strategic overview virtually guarantees positive return. Sometimes there may need to be minor adjustments along the way, but for the most part, there is little going back to the drawing board.


5. The client is successful.

Our vision statement is simple. “Focused on what really matters...our customer’s success! There is no greater accomplishment in design, photography and advertising than to have our customers succeed. Having a well developed strategic overview is always the first step in achieving this goal.

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