Oshawa dentist, Oshawa family dentist, Oshawa cosmetic dentist Oshawa invisalign, Oshawa dental care, Oshawa family dentistry, Oshawa cosmetic dentistry
Oshawa dentist, Oshawa family dentist, Oshawa cosmetic dentist

Welcome  to Simcoe Smile Dental

of Oshawa, Ontario. Our practice offers general family dentistry as well as a range of the latest dental cosmetic procedures. Dr. Michael Todd, Dr. Michael Opler along with our caring team of dental professionals take great pride in the personal care and attention we give our dental patients young and old. It is what you should expect from your dentist. So if you’re new to the Oshawa area, please visit our office or contact us today for an appointment.



Oshawa invisalign, Oshawa dental care, Oshawa family dentistry, Oshawa cosmetic dentistry

Dentistry for the Whole Family

Oshawa invisalign, Oshawa dental care, Oshawa family dentistry, Oshawa cosmetic dentistry

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Oshawa invisalign, Oshawa dental care, Oshawa family dentistry, Oshawa cosmetic dentistry

Invisalign – Invisible Braces


Meet the Dentists

Oshawa dentist, Oshawa family dentist, Oshawa cosmetic dentist


Michael Todd, DDS is a graduate of University of Toronto’s Faculty of Dentistry and has been living and practising in Oshawa for over 20 years. Dr. Todd started his own practice in 2002 under the name of Dentistry on Ritson. The practice was relocated (and renamed) to it’s current location on Simcoe Street in 2005 after outgrowing the Ritson location.

Dr. Todd is a member of:

> The Ontario Dental Association;

> The Canadian Dental Association;

> Academy of General Dentistry; and

> Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

        Dr. Todd is committed to continuing education in order to provide patients with the most current and effective treatments and procedures available. His keen interest in cosmetic and restorative dentistry has taken him across the country and abroad in the pursuit of training and education opportunities.

       Dr. Todd has studied under world renowned clinicians such as Dr. Steven Buchanan (endodontics), Dr. Brock Rondeau (orthodontics) and Dr. Bill Dorfman, best known from the TV series Extreme Makeover. Over the years, Dr. Todd has had the privilege of transforming the smiles of hundreds of patients with the very latest in aesthetic and cosmetic procedures.

      Community participation is important to Dr. Todd. As the father of four children, he is an active volunteer in many community sports organizations including hockey and lacrosse. In addition to this, Dr. Todd, his staff and his family support the CIBC Run for the Cure each year and many of our patients charities.


Dr. Michael Opler, is a graduate of University of Toronto's Faculty of Dentistry and has practised dentistry for over 19 years. His successful practice provides aesthetic and general dentistry for clients from the Toronto area and abroad.

         Dr. Opler has traveled throughout North America to continually update his training in restorative and aesthetic procedures. He has transformed countless smiles and says "it is truly remarkable to see the transformation that occurs with our clients when they feel good about their smile. I see a tremendous boost in their self-confidence and self-image. For many, it's a life altering experience!"

Oshawa dentist, Oshawa family dentist, Oshawa cosmetic dentist

Our Caring Team

From check-ups to braces, we offer personalized care for every member of your family. Our dental services include preventative, restorative and cosmetic treatments, all delivered by our friendly and caring staff.

        Our bright new office is centrally located in north Oshawa with plenty of parking and barrier free access. We know school and work are important so we offer extended hours to better accommodate your busy schedule.

        We are confident that once you meet us and experience our exceptional service, you won’t want to go anywhere else for your dental care.

Oshawa invisalign, Oshawa dental care, Oshawa family dentistry, Oshawa cosmetic dentistry
Oshawa invisalign, Oshawa dental care, Oshawa family dentistry, Oshawa cosmetic dentistry

Tour Our Office

Your First Visit

Simcoe Smile Dental Top Ten:

“Why patients love our office”

If applicable, please make sure that you bring accurate dental insurance information with you so that we can efficiently process your dental claims for you. If you had x-rays taken within the last year, copies of these would be useful to bring to your appointment. There is also a privacy form to complete. All information is kept in strict confidence and will not be shared without your expressed consent.

        During the course of this visit, we will learn about each other and listen to your dental needs and desires. We will review your medical and dental history and complete dental charting including the pocket depth around your teeth. We will complete an oral cancer screening. Then we can discuss any treatment needs and the associated options and set up the appropriate appointments. Our hygienists can then begin by cleaning your teeth! We spend more time at this first visit to carefully collect all the information that will allow us to best suit your treatment to your individual needs.

2     The staff are amazing. It feels like visiting with old friends at every appointment.

3     I often see Dr. Todd and his staff in the community—they live here in Oshawa and stay busy with their kids activities.

4     The office is able to accommodate our family at the same time so we are in and out in no time flat.

5     We schedule our appointments around the commitments of school and work.

6     They put patients at ease by not only explaining their dental procedures  but showing them by using a camera.

7     A smile is important—Dr. Todd knows how to make a winning smile.

8     There seems to be something new with every visit—like digital x-rays that reduce exposure to radiation.

9     The office is new and conveniently located—it’s easy to find and has lots of parking.

10  Dr. Todd is STILL a LEAFS fan—but we don’t hold that against him. There’s always next year.

During your first visit, you can expect to meet our caring staff who strive to give you the very best of dental care. To  serve you best, protect your overall health, and understand your individual needs, we will ask you to fill out a medical and dental history form.

Our bright, new office is centrally located in Oshawa and offers plenty of free on-site parking. We are equipped with the very latest in cosmetic and general dentistry technology and equipment, as well as in-chair entertainment systems.  Take a moment to tour our office. The modern décor and comfortable surroundings make for a pleasurable experience.

Call us today and discover a dental office to call home!

Q: How old should a child be when they
have their first visit with the dentist?

A: Ideally we see your child for the first time by the age of two. By this age most or all primary (baby) teeth are present. We are hoping their first visit to us is fun and easy. However, if you have concerns prior to this age, do not hesitate to contact us.


Q: How often would I have a dental check-up?

A: How often you go for a check-up depends on your oral health needs. The goal is to catch small problems early. For many people, this means a check-up every six months. Your dentist may suggest that you visit more or less often depending on how well you care for your teeth and gums. If you have had any problems that need to be checked or treated and how fast tartar builds up on your teeth are other examples that may change how often the dentist suggests that you have a check-up. It is worth noting that you should not determine your need for dental care based on what your dental plan covers.


Q: Why do my gums bleed when I brush my teeth?

A: Your gums may be inflamed and swollen, therefore even the softest toothbrushes can irritate the tissues and make them bleed. When the pressure of a toothbrush is applied, the blood easily escapes from the weakened gum tissue. Most times our gums get inflamed and swollen because of a plaque or tartar build-up. It is not okay to allow your gums to continue bleeding. You may require immediate attention by your dentist and follow up with daily brushing and flossing. This will not go away on its own. If left untreated, bone loss is inevitable.


Q: I am thinking about a cosmetic
procedure. What should I do?

A: We always start with a consultation. Every smile is a little different, so each patient must be considered individually.


Q: What if I have a dental emergency
and the office is not open?

A: If you are patient of Dr. Todd, contact the after hours emergency phone number provided. If you are not one of our patients and you have a dental emergency, go to your local emergency department.


Q: What payments does your office accept?

A: We accept cash, debit, VISA, MasterCard
and American Express.


Q: What whitening options are available?


Q: Can I have whitening done if
I am not a patient of Simcoe Smile Dental?

A: Yes! We often have patients of other dentists for procedures such as whitening.


Q: Does whitening damage the teeth?

A: No. There may be a little bit more sensitivity to cold but it should only last for a short time.


Q: Is whitening covered by insurance?

A: Insurance may apply depending on your personal dental plan. Please speak to your benefits administrator before undergoing the procedure.


Q: Do you make mouth guards for sports?

A: Yes - we make lots of them! And there are a lot of different colours to choose from!


Q: What if I have to cancel my appointment?

A: We understand that sometimes it may be impossible to keep a previously confirmed appointment. For the courtesy of our staff, dentists and other patients, we request 2 business days notice in these cases.


Q: What if I miss an appointment

A: As your appointment approaches, we will contact you to remind you about your upcoming appointment. Neither patients nor our office like missed appointments but we will do our best to find another time convenient that is suitable for both of us.


Q: Does your office do orthodontics?


Q: Is cosmetic dentistry covered by insurance?

A: Insurance may apply depending on your personal dental plan. We can always send through for a quote if you have any concerns about your coverage.


Q: What is tartar?

A: Tartar is what forms from the lack of brushing and flossing. Tartar (the dental term is calculus) is plaque that has hardened/adhered to the tooth both above and below the gums. A professional cleaning is the only way to remove tartar.


Q: What is plaque?

A: Plaque is a soft, invisible bacterial film that builds up on the teeth. It can be removed by brushing and flossing on a daily basis. If left on the teeth for more than 24 hours it will need to be professionally removed.


Q: What are veneers?

A: Veneers are fingernail-thin customized porcelain pieces that fit on the outside of teeth. They can improve the colour and shape of teeth and give you an "elegant" or "Hollywood" smile.


Q: How often should I brush my teeth?

A: According to the Canadian Dental Association, you should brush your teeth twice a day. Brushing your teeth helps to remove plaque which causes tooth decay and can lead to gum disease. Always use a soft bristled toothbrush with a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Make sure that the toothbrush fits inside of your mouth so that you can easily reach all areas. When brushing, use gentle back and forth strokes, brushing all sides of the teeth. Always brush your tongue to remove any bacteria and to help keep your breath fresh.


Q: How often should I floss my teeth?

A: You should floss your teeth at least once a day. Flossing in between your teeth removes food debris and plaque from in between the teeth that a toothbrush can't reach. Plaque causes tooth decay and can lead to gum disease. Another great reason to floss is that recent studies have shown that flossing helps to prevent a heart attack or stroke. When flossing, be sure to gently insert the floss in between the teeth, without snapping, which could damage the gum tissue. Gently move the floss up and down into the spaces between the gum and teeth. Floss the sides of all of your teeth, even if there isn't a tooth next to another one. There are a number of dental products available that are designed to make flossing easier, such as disposable dental flossers.


Q: What is the best toothpaste to buy?

A: Choosing a toothpaste that contains fluoride will help to prevent cavities. Many of the considerations for choosing toothpastes are personal, such as flavour, whitening, tartar control and price. If you have small children, you may want to try some fun-flavoured kid toothpaste without fluoride. When applying toothpaste to your toothbrush, you only need to use about a pea size amount.

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Oshawa invisalign, Oshawa dental care, Oshawa family dentistry, Oshawa cosmetic dentistry