Oshawa dentist, Oshawa family dentist, Oshawa cosmetic dentist Oshawa invisalign, Oshawa dental care, Oshawa family dentistry, Oshawa cosmetic dentistry
Dentist Oshawa, Family dentist Oshawa, Cosmetic dentist Oshawa
Oshawa dentist, Oshawa family dentist, Oshawa cosmetic dentist

Good oral health is essential to every member of your family and regular check ups are important in order to maintain teeth and gums. Dr. Todd and his staff are committed to the care and education of your entire family. We use the very latest most effective treatment possible, all within a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

          Dr. Todd and his staff engage every patient in the treatment process. Our treatment room is equipped with an intra-oral camera and computer to enable you to see enlarged images of your teeth so you have a better understanding of what the dentist is describing and recommending.

Family Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

The best of comfort for you.

Our treatment rooms are also equipped with cable television so you can relax and be entertained during your treatment.

          Our waiting room is a warm and relaxing setting where patients are able to catch up on their reading with our excellent selection of current magazines, or watch TV or a video. For our youngest patients we offer electronic games, toys and books.

Your smile says a lot about you; a reflection of contentment and confidence. If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your smile, this has an adverse effect on your self-image and sometimes how others perceive you. Dentistry is not only an issue of oral health but of beauty as well. This opens up a world of possibilities for men and women who want to achieve their perfect smile.

          Dr. Michael Todd has transformed hundreds of smiles using the very latest in cosmetic procedures. From whitening to complete smile makeovers, the results are remarkable as seen in our portfolio of clients. The transformation process is exciting for both the patient and Dr. Todd. Cosmetic patients report a feeling of rejuvenation.

          The perfect smile has never been more achievable. Why wait any longer? Explore the range of cosmetic options discussed on our website and view our portfolio of clients. Then contact us to book your consultation.

Our services include:

>    Treating Children, Adults and the Nervous Patients

>    Comprehensive Treatment Plans and Oral Diagnosis

>    Oral Cancer Screening

>    Oral Hygiene Education

>    Emergency Dental Services

>    Hygiene treatment for Gingivitis and Periodontitis

>    Laser-Assisted Dentistry

>    Zoom Advanced Power Whitening

>    Fresh Breath Treatment

>    Smile Rehabilitation

>    Bonding and Porcelain Veneers

>    Basic Restorative – White Fillings

>    Major Restorative – All Porcelain and Gold Crowns, Inlays, Onlays, Bridges, Dental Implants, Complete and Partial Dentures

>    Endodontics (Root Canals)

>    Oral Surgery (Extractions)

>    Orthodontics (Invisalign – Invisible Braces)

Oshawa dentist, Oshawa family dentist, Oshawa cosmetic dentist
Oshawa dentist, Oshawa family dentist, Oshawa cosmetic dentist


A smile is as unique as the patient's own personality. Cosmetic dentistry enhances the smile achieving beautiful, natural looking results.

          Today, anything is possible. Dr. Todd offers a range of cosmetic options and procedures to fit your goals from a complete smile makeover to whitening.

View the results of our cosmetic procedures. Select a patient below:

  • Zoom Teeth Whitening

    Zoom Teeth Whitening:

    The most popular “in-office” whitening system — great results!

    1 Veneer plus Whitening

    One brown tooth! We did Zoom! Whitening and 1 veneer—That’s great.

  • Orthodontics


    Braces for kids transform your teeth to a smile that will look great forever.


    Adult braces. We used white brackets here to transform these jumbled teeth into a great smile.

  • Upgrade to Tooth Coloured Fillings

    Upgrade to tooth coloured fillings:

    Tooth coloured fillings; no metals or mercury – they look great and work great for years to come.

    Upgrade to tooth coloured fillings:

    Tooth coloured fillings; making for a much improved look that this patient will enjoy greatly.

  • Bonded Fillings on Front Teeth

    Bonded fillings on front teeth:

    Just another hockey accident! Great final result.

    Bonded fillings on front teeth:

    “I hate these 2 that stick in. Could you just change that please?”

    Bonded fillings on front teeth:

    No time for a crown or veneer – “just bond it to look good please.”

  • Veneers

    7 veneers:

    Overlapped, in and out, up and down teeth – a difficult case.

    2 crowns and 2 veneers:

    2 old crowns in front and lateral incisors too small.

    Restored the 2 crowns plus 2 veneers.

    6 veneers:

    An elegant result improving the colour, shape and arrangement of teeth into a great smile.

    8 upper and 4 lower veneers:

    A great result again for some miscoloured and misshaped teeth.

    2 veneers:

    Getting 2 veneers on those front teeth really improves the smile from that chipped tooth look.

    4 veneers:

    Trouble with flattened and widened bonded teeth. They look too square. There are some gums in the way. The gum work and the 4 new veneers really helped the dimensions look great.

  • New Crowns

    New front crowns:

    “I have three dark lines around the edges of my crowns. Plus my front ones look too fat!” Top (and bottom) porcelain crowns + two veneers. There will never be dark lines again.

    New front crowns plus 2 veneers:

    2 new crowns and 2 new veneers really straighten up that smile!

    New back crowns:

    Big black fillings changed to crowns. They are strong, last a long time and look great!

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Oshawa invisalign, Oshawa dental care, Oshawa family dentistry, Oshawa cosmetic dentistry